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6 Financial Considerations for Remarriage

Factor in your children’s inheritance and estate planning before you remarry. WHEN YOU REMARRY, you’re not only combining residences with your new spouse, you’re also merging your finances. And if you have children, that may involve some financial-related stress. For instance, you might need to factor in child support payments or consider whether your new… read more

What's a Family Lawyer and Why Do You Need One?


What’s A Family Lawyer And Why Do You Need One? A family lawyer is needed for certain cases because every lawyer isn’t the same. Learn more about why you may need one today. There are over 400,000 attorneys in the United States alone. However, not all of them can cover every aspect of the law. That’s why… read more

What's the Difference Between At Fault and No-Fault Divorce?


What’s the Difference Between Fault and No-Fault Divorce? There are two kinds of divorce you should know about, fault and no-fault divorce. This guide will explain the difference. About 39% of marriages now end in divorce. Despite this number falling lower than in past years, divorce is tough when it’s your divorce. For anyone considering filing for… read more

7 Reasons to Consider Getting a Prenup


7 Reasons to Consider Getting a Marriage Prenup It’s important to get a marriage prenup before your wedding day to protect your assets in the case of divorce or of one partner dying. Are there wedding bells on your horizon? Have you found “the one” and you’re certain that nothing could ever go wrong? Hopefully,… read more