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Welcome to Hoelscher Gebbia Cepeda PLLC’s (“HGC”) resource page for our colleagues. This page is designed to let you know how we at HGC may help make your life easier. Thank you for your dedication to your clients and to our profession!

Disclaimer: Nothing on this page is intended as legal advice nor do we warrant this information for any purpose. Your use of any information on this page confirms your consent to use these materials at your own risk. HGC does not update all of these materials regularly. Only attorneys should access this page. Attorneys who do so assume all liability for their use of the content on this page or referenced by this page. We are trying to be helpful, please don’t be jerks about it. Also, we reserve all rights to our intellectual property, so don’t go republishing our stuff without giving us credit. Use at your own risk.

Referral Fees And Policies

HGC is honored when our colleagues trust us with their clients. For that reason, we are happy to offer referral fees for criminal cases or discounts to clients referred by attorneys. We cannot offer referral fees in family law cases, but we are happy to associate as counsel. Referral fees will be disclosed to clients and regular case updates can be provided to referring counsel. If you are sending a client our way, please let us know in advance and ask the client to put your name in the “How Did You Find Us” line of our intake form.

Services Offered To Attorneys

HGC lawyers are pleased to support our colleagues by consulting on cases and associating as counsel in San Antonio and the surrounding areas. Additionally, our experienced trial lawyers are able to testify as experts in a variety of areas. Our attorneys have strong credentials, including scholarly publications, CLE presentations, and professorships. In particular, Joe Hoelscher will provide free initial consultations for lawyers dealing with CPS cases, either directly or as a matter collateral to other litigation, such as criminal cases involving CPS. HGC can:

Call (210) 222-9132 and let our staff know you’re an attorney. We’re always happy to help out our colleagues. You can also use the contact form, here, which will email a number of our staff and partners.


The following resources include various NHTSA manuals and SFST studies, many of which are referenced in Joe Hoelscher LexisNexis Practice Guide, “Texas Drunk Driving Law.” If you have suggestions for additional materials we should provide, please contact us. We will be updating regularly.

Legal Forms, Briefs, And Guides

Please let us know if any of our forms need to be updated or you have a better form you’d like to share. HGC will give credit. And, if our materials helped you, please let us know on social media or through our contact form.

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