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What Happens to My Retirement Account After a Divorce?


Among the most disputed aspects of a divorce is determining how the assets would be divided between the spouses. While dividing real estate or savings and checking accounts can be easy, determining which spouse and how much a spouse gets from a retirement account is not easy. While your San Antonio divorce attorney will do… read more

Protecting Your Family’s Future: How a San Antonio Family Law Attorney Can Help You Navigate Family Law Matters


Family law is one of the most delicate areas of the Texas legal system because it usually involves highly complex, emotionally charged, and contentious issues. When working with the San Antonio family law attorney at Hoelscher Gebbia Cepeda PLLC, we can assure you that we understand the delicacy, experience, skills, and professionalism required to navigate… read more

What Are The Different Types of Spousal Support?


Alimony or spousal support, known officially as spousal maintenance in Texas, is not guaranteed in all divorce cases. But when one of the spouses is considered incapable of financially supporting themselves while going through the divorce or after the divorce, a judge may consider ordering spousal maintenance for that spouse. Divorcing couples may also agree… read more

What Happens if You Hide Assets in a Texas Divorce


One of the first steps in getting a divorce is identifying all assets belonging to each spouse and the marriage. Sometimes, before this step can happen, a spouse will take steps to hide assets so that they can keep them after the divorce is final. Spouses who suspect their soon-to-be ex is taking these measures… read more

Common Examples of Child Abuse & Neglect in Texas


Texas laws protect children, one of our most vulnerable populations, from abuse and neglect. Still, far too many children suffer abuse and neglect each year. Abuse and neglect of children can take on many forms, and it’s essential to understand the differences between each. Childhood Physical Abuse Examples of physical child abuse include any or… read more