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Category: Criminal Law

What are Major Felonies?


Are you facing a criminal charge in Texas? If so, it is imperative that you have experienced legal counsel. An attorney is especially important if you are facing a major felony. In Texas, all felony charges carry the possibility of one year in state prison—and a major felony can carry far more serious penalties. At… read more

What are the Penalties for Possessing Child Pornography?


Child pornography is a very serious criminal offense. Indeed, it is one of the most severe charges that a person could face without allegations of direct violence against another person. Every person accused of this crime and any other sex-based offense is presumed innocent until proven guilty. All people have a right to defend themselves… read more

What if Someone Violates a Restraining Order?


The Legal Information Institute defines a restraining order as “a court order enjoining a person from taking a particular action in relation to another person.” Most often, restraining orders are put into place after allegations of domestic violence, stalking, or some other type of serious conflict. In Texas, you will hear these types of restraining… read more

What Happens if You Break the Rules of Your Probation?


A person arrested and convicted of a crime may be granted a period of probation as an alternative to incarceration. It is imperative that any person on probation strictly comply with the terms. What happens if you break probation? In Texas, you could be subject to an immediate arrest. Probation could be revoked, and you… read more