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Are DWI Consequences Harsher if a Child is in the Car?


The penalties for a DWI are harsh, but they become even more severe if a minor is in the vehicle. Driving while intoxicated by alcohol or drugs is a very serious offense in Texas. It is also one of the most common criminal charges laid in the state. The penalties for a DWI conviction are… read more

Intoxalock Alcohol Monitoring | Driving While Intoxicated


Intoxalock alcohol monitoring uses breath alcohol ignition interlock devices (BAIID) to reduce the occurrence of people driving while intoxicated. BAIIDs can be utilized in various situations where voluntary or court-ordered alcohol monitoring is needed. Having a BAIID installed in your vehicle can make obtaining an unrestricted occupational license and regaining your driving privileges easier after… read more

Will I lose My License if I Get a DWI?


Yes. You may lose your driver’s license if you get convicted of a DWI in Texas. An automatic administrative license revocation (ALR) suspension will be triggered if you get a DWI or if you get arrested for DWI and refuse to take a breath or blood test. It’s important to note that this suspension is… read more

Warrant Requirement for Blood Alcohol Tests


In typical DWI cases, the police will require a warrant to legally draw a blood sample from you if you are stopped or arrested for a DWI. Like a breathalyzer or breath test, a blood test is used for measuring a person’s blood alcohol content (BAC) after being arrested for DWI. During a blood test,… read more

What to Know About Texas DWI Laws


Driving while intoxicated, whether due to alcohol or drugs, not only risks the life of the driver but other innocent road users as well. It can even land you in jail. This is why Texas has very strict laws and harsh penalties for DWI or driving while intoxicated. Ignorance is not an excuse for violating… read more