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Bill Pay

Welcome to our online portal for clients to pay bills to Hoelscher Gebbia Cepeda, PLLC (“HGC”). Although this is one of our favorite parts of the legal process, only next to caring for our clients, there are some terms and conditions. By using this portal to make a payment and in exchange for the convenience of using this portal, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Any payments by third parties on behalf of a client become the client’s funds or HGC’s funds, if earned. Unless authorized by the client, refunds cannot be made to third parties.
  2. By making a payment through this portal, you are agreeing to waive any privilege, such as attorney-client privilege, or duty of confidentiality to you regarding information necessary for HGC to defend any fee dispute, charge back, or alleged fraud.
  3. Only payments for legal fees and expenses for existing HGC clients and due to HGC are allowed. You are not making any other payment, including but not limited to settlement payments, child support payments, court ordered payments owed to parties other than HGC, or payments for services HGC has not contracted to provide.
  4. HGC may deduct an amount of the payment equal to the fees charged by the payment processor and an administrative fee in the event of a refund prior to commencing work or a charge back, if the dispute is resolved in HGC’s favor.
  5. You have full legal authority to make this payment and are not engaging in any fraud or deception. You are the authorized card holder and authorized to use the account used to make the payment.
  6. Our payment processor, LawPay, is recommended by the State Bar of Texas for their security and protection of client funds. That’s why we pay more to use LawPay. Any dispute regarding LawPay’s services, including LawCredit, is with them, not HGC.
  7. Nothing on this page supersedes the terms of any contract with HGC.


  1. Always include the name of our client or the cause number in the “Reference” box. If you have multiple matters with HGC, make sure to specify which matter the payment is for.
  2. Although we receive a notification of payment, please alert our staff when you have made a payment by calling HGC at 210-222-9132 or emailing your case manager.
  3. Please be certain to use the correct link, “Criminal” or “Family Law.” If you are uncertain which link to use, please contact us before making a payment. “Criminal” payments are treated as earned money, meaning we will use it to pay OUR bills. “Family” payments are deposited into our trust account, called an IOLTA, and used for purposes such as paying hourly fees once work is performed. If you cannot wait for clarification, use the “Family” pay link.
  4. If you wish to apply for financing to cover your legal fees, then LawPay offers a service called LawCredit. Please read the documentation they provide. You are applying for credit. HGC has nothing to do with this process, other than receiving funds if you are approved and authorize that payment. Please understand that this is NOT an HGC service, in fact, we are charged an additional processing fee. We are willing to accept LawCredit payments for your convenience, however, in many circumstances, we may be able to offer a payment plan. HGC does not charge interest if we extend a payment plan offer.

Payment Options