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Texas DWI Cases Affected by Blood Alcohol Testing Scandal


Texas DWI Cases Affected by Blood Alcohol Testing Scandal SAN ANTONO (November 25, 2019) Texas DWI attorneys should know that 1000s of DWI cases may contained flawed forensic samples for BAC testing. An important announcement from Becton, Dickinson, and Company (BD) has raised significant doubt as to the validity of blood alcohol tests across Texas… read more

5 Great Benefits Of Hiring A Criminal Defense Lawyer


Hiring a criminal defense lawyer is needed for any criminal case, but learn about the benefits of having one here. Have you been charged with a crime and are worried about the way out? Don’t stress too much. Consult a defense lawyer to help you successfully navigate the legal system! Being accused of a criminal… read more

How to Seal a Juvenile Record in Texas


How to Seal a Juvenile Record in Texas A Guide to Sealing Records in Texas for Juveniles In this guide, learn about the process of sealing records in Texas for juvenile delinquents. In 2017, there were over 800,000 juvenile arrests in the US. Even though juvenile criminal records are not always public, they do not automatically go… read more

What Happens if Your Miranda Rights Aren’t Read


You might think you can get out of arrest if your Miranda Rights aren’t read. This isn’t entirely true, but read this article to see what you can do. If you were to find yourself in a situation with police activity, do you know your Miranda rights? Do you know the difference between Miranda rights… read more

6 Possible Alternatives to Jail Sentencing


Instead of going straight to jail, there are sometimes other options available. Here’s a guide with several alternatives to prison. Prison reform is in the forefront as we see celebrity Kim Kardashian and filmmaker Ava Duvernay speaking out about unfair sentencing and mass incarceration. In the United States, prisons are big business. An estimated 2.2 million adults are… read more