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Divorce doesn’t need to always be a difficult and expensive process. Many couples know that their marriage is over and are ready to move on. In fact, many married couples have already started new lives apart from each other, but just haven’t done the paperwork for an agreed divorce. For couples who want an amicable, simple divorce, an uncontested divorce for a fixed, or “flat,” fee is ideal. San Antonio uncontested divorce lawyers can quote a fixed price for preparing the divorce paperwork, filing the uncontested no-fault divorce, and going to court to finalize the divorce.

Benefits of an Uncontested Divorce

Uncontested Divorce has several benefits:

Uncontested Divorce is Affordable

Uncontested divorce lawyers deliver a fixed package of services with predictable expenses, court costs, and labor. Unlike contested divorces, where the lawyer never knows exactly how much work may be required, agreed divorces are efficient and consistent in what our clients need. As a result, when we handle uncontested divorces, attorneys can offer a competitive, fixed price. Typically, flat-rate fees for uncontested divorces can be broken up into payments, too. So, agreed divorces are affordable.

Uncontested Divorce in San Antonio, Texas is Fast

When two people agree to end their marriage and work together to settle their differences, divorce can happen much faster. Although Texas requires a 60 day “cooling off” period before a divorce is finalized, a San Antonio divorce attorney handling an uncontested divorce can get your divorce finished as close to the 60-day mark as possible. If you and your spouse agree to the terms of the divorce, then many formalities (and expenses), such as service of process can be avoided. In San Antonio, our unique “presiding court” system also allows scheduling flexibility and ensures that judges are available nearly every workday. So, where a traditional divorce can take a year or more, an uncontested divorce will be much faster.

Uncontested Divorce is Easy

In an uncontested divorce, San Antonio uncontested divorce attorneys can give one party an option not to appear in court. For the client, the time in court can be minimized. In fact, the in-court process for the divorce will take only minutes. In San Antonio, uncontested divorces are often the first cases to be sent to a judge, while longer cases wait. Most important, the final decree will be exactly what you agreed to, meaning you control your divorce.

Is Uncontested Divorce Right for You?

Uncontested divorces work when couples can communicate and agree. Couples who can settle their differences between themselves regarding property, child custody, and child support are rewarded for being able to work things out. However, if one partner isn’t willing to be reasonable, then uncontested divorce may not be possible. If the marital estate is especially complicated, or there are any disagreements over child custody, then a traditional divorce may be better.

Uncontested Divorce is a good option when:

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