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If you have been charged with a sex crime in San Antonio, you could be facing significant penalties. This includes not only a massive prison sentence and significant fines, but also the requirement to register as a sex offender for the rest of your life. At Hoelscher Gebbia Cepeda, PLLC, we are standing by to help when you need a San Antonio sex crimes defense attorney. Our qualified and experienced team will conduct a complete investigation into the charges against you and get to work formulating a defense strategy on your behalf. Do not rest your fate in the hands of an overworked defender for this case.

Why Choose Hoelscher Gebbia Cepeda, PLLC For a Sex Crimes Case?

When you are facing a serious sex crimes charge, the team at Hoelscher Gebbia Cepeda, PLLC is going to stand by your side.

Why Do You Need An Attorney For a San Antonio Sex Crimes Case?

Any person charged with a sex crime needs to be aware that the consequences for a conviction of these offenses are very serious. That is why you should turn to a trusted San Antonio sex crimes defense attorney as opposed to relying on a public defender for these cases. A skilled defense attorney will have the resources and legal expertise necessary to:

What Are The Penalties For Sex Crimes in Texas?

At Hoelscher Gebbia Cepeda, PLLC, our firm has extensive experience helping clients who have faced a range of sex crimes in and around the San Antonio area. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Sexual Assault (Tex. Penal Code Ann. § 22.011)

Typically a second-degree felony punishable by two to 20 years in prison. This is defined as intentionally or knowingly causing any of the following:

Aggravated Sexual Assault (Tex. Penal Code Ann. § 22.021)

Typically a first-degree felony punishable by five to 99 years in prison. Though similar to sexual assault, aggravated sexual assault charges are defined as when a person intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly causes or threatens to harm another person through a sexual act without their consent. Aggravated sexual assault is differentiated from sexual assault by the presence of an aggravating factor. Aggravating factors can include sexual actions with a person under the age of 14, causing bodily harm or fatal injuries to a victim, causing a person to fear for their life, the use of drugs to incapacitate a victim, or the presence of an additional perpetrator.

Statutory Rape (Tex. Penal Code Ann. §§ 21.11)

This crime is commonly referred to as any sexual penetration that is illegal because it involves a person under the age of 18. Punishments for this crime will vary depending on the underlying crime, which will typically be “sexual assault,” “aggravated sexual assault,” or “indecency with a child.”

Other Crimes

There are various other sex crimes that can occur in San Antonio and throughout Texas that the team at Hoelscher Gebbia Cepeda, PLLC can help clients with. This includes internet sex crimes and child pornography, participating in prostitution, child sexual abuse, and more. If you or a loved one have any questions about sex crimes charges you are facing, please seek assistance from a skilled San Antonio sex crimes defense lawyer immediately.

Sex Offender Registration in Texas

Any person convicted of a sex offense in San Antonio will likely be required to register as a sex offender for the remainder of their life. This requires that the accused person report to the police in their jurisdiction regularly as well as any time they relocate or move. Registered sex offenders will be listed on the internet, and their information will be made public. This includes information about the offenses they were convicted of, their home and work address, their photograph, the vehicles they drive, and more. Registered sex offenders will have a hard time finding gainful employment and could be harassed at their residence.

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If you or somebody you care about has been charged with a sex crime in San Antonio, you need to speak to a skilled San Antonio sex crimes attorney as soon as possible. At Hoelscher Gebbia Cepeda, PLLC, we have extensive experience handling these cases, and we are ready to get to work on your behalf today. Our goal is to thoroughly investigate the sex crime charges you are facing in an effort to formulate a sound defense strategy. We want to ensure that your rights are upheld throughout this process. When you need a San Antonio sex crimes defense attorney, you can contact us online or by calling (210) 222-9132.