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San Antonio Probate Lawyer

Probate is the process used in Texas to transfer the assets of a deceased person to others, such as creditors or beneficiaries, and finalize the decedent’s legal and financial affairs. Good estate planning may eliminate or reduce the need for probate, which involves oversight by a court. However, many families will be required to enter probate, because their relative died without a will, a will required probate, or because of the complexity of the estate involved, including whether the estate is contested. Our San Antonio probate attorneys can help guide you through the probate process as an administrator, beneficiary, or someone who wishes to contest a will.

Transferring an Estate in San Antonio, Texas

Probate is a court process. Our San Antonio probate attorneys appear regularly in court and can assist with that process, but the first step is determining if probate is the best way to finalize your loved one’s affairs. In some cases, court may not be necessary. Good estate planning preparation often reduces or eliminates the need for probate and court. There are different ways to help close a decedent’s estate in Texas, such as:

Texas Estate Planning Solutions

Our San Antonio estate planning attorneys start by looking for ways to avoid probate, a court process that can increase expenses and delays for those who assume the burden of a decedent’s estate. At the same time, our lawyers assess our clients’ needs during their lifetimes to help create customized solutions. Many issues can be addressed through solutions such as irrevocable trusts, insurance, or pay on death accounts. Typically, these solutions operate without the need for court approval. Estate planning lawyers can prepare documents to assist you, as well.

In Texas, certain standard documents are used to help people answer those estate planning questions. Where your concerns are common, estate planning may be relatively straightforward. Others need much more customized planning that will require consultation with other professions such as CPAs, trust officers, mental health professionals, and health care providers. The primary goal of estate planning attorneys is preparing to solve problems without the need for probate court. Typically, the following documents can solve most estate planning issues:

San Antonio Probate Lawyers Can Help

Hoelscher Gebbia Cepeda, PLLC’s San Antonio probate attorneys can help you navigate the complexities of handling a deceased person’s estate by determining the easiest, least expensive probate or non-probate method appropriate. Our lawyers can help prepare and file probate documents, administer estates, and, when required, litigate contested probate cases. In fact, our experienced trial attorneys are well recognized in the media and among our colleagues. Call (210) 222-9132 today or contact us online for a consultation in person or remotely.