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A felony is a serious crime that could result in severe punishments for those convicted. Typically, those convicted of a felony spending years or even up to life in prison. Felony offenses in Texas are charged at various levels, each with different penalties attached. At Hoelscher Gebbia Cepeda, PLLC, our qualified and experienced San Antonio felony defense lawyers are standing by to help when you need legal guidance. We have the resources necessary to conduct a complete investigation into your case, formulate a sound defense strategy, and represent you in Bexar County court. Let us get to work on your behalf today.

Why Choose Hoelscher Gebbia Cepeda, PLLC For Your Felony Defense?

When you are facing a serious felony charge in San Antonio, you can count on the team at Hoelscher Gebbia Cepeda, PLLC to have your back.

Why Do You Need An Attorney For A Felony Case?

A skilled San Antonio criminal defense attorney is going to be an invaluable asset for your case. As opposed to a public defender who may be assigned to your case, a private San Antonio felony defense attorney will be devoted to you, not dozens of other clients. Your attorney will be able to use their resources to:

Importantly, when you have an attorney by your side, you will have someone who can explain the entire process to you and protect your constitutional rights. You will not be alone trying to fend for yourself against aggressive prosecutors.

Felony Levels And Penalties in Texas

There are various levels of felony offenses in Texas. Here, we want to list these levels as well as the maximum punishments associated with a conviction. Additionally, we will list an example of the types of crimes associated with these felony offenses.

There is a range of other offenses that could result in a person facing various felony charges in Texas. If you or somebody you love is facing any felony criminal charges, please seek assistance from a skilled San Antonio felony defense attorney as soon as possible.

Bail And Bond On Felony Charges in Texas

In many cases, those charged with felony offenses will be able to secure a bond so they can be released from jail while they are awaiting trial for their case.

However, there are various factors that will determine bond eligibility or amounts in San Antonio felony cases. This can include the following:

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If you or somebody you care about is facing a felony charge in San Antonio, seek assistance from a felony attorney as soon as possible. At Hoelscher Gebbia Cepeda, PLLC, our skilled team of felony defense lawyers in Bexar County is ready to get to work on your case immediately. We have the resources necessary to thoroughly investigate the criminal charges that have been levied against you, and our goal is to ensure you are treated fairly at every step in this process. When you need a San Antonio felony defense attorney, you can contact us online for a free consultation or by calling (210) 222-9132.