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As a grandparent or other caregiver, you have limited rights to a child. With the help of a San Antonio grandparents rights lawyer, you can enforce these rights. These may include visitation rights and rights to care for the child. Additionally, there may be times when the child’s parents are no longer capable of taking care of them. This often means that you’ll have to go through a complicated legal process in order to obtain custody of the child. This may even go so far as suing for the child in a custody case.

To do so, however, you must have something known as “standing.” Standing is, in essence, what gives you the right to sue for a child’s custody. Some things that may give you standing include:

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As a grandparent or other caretaker, you have certain rights. If you need assistance asserting those rights, consider calling Hoelscher Gebbia Cepeda, PLLC. We can advise you on how best to sue for custody if needed. Additionally, we can inform you of your rights and help you take advantage of them.

Call Hoelscher Gebbia Cepeda, PLLC when you have complex circumstances and need a San Antonio grandparents rights attorney.  Some of the areas we serve include:

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How Texas Courts Can Help Grandparents

Sometimes tragedies occur, making parents unavailable to care for their children. If the biological parents are unfit to properly care for their children due to addiction and substance abuse, incarceration, mental health issues, or have created an environment of abuse or neglect, you may wish to step in and take responsibility for the children. Other times, relatives find themselves caring for children who are orphaned or abandoned. Texas law provides options for relatives who need to have legal rights to care for kids.

The Texas courts must account for the “best interests of a child” when deciding where to place a child. Even if you have been the primary caregiver for a significant period of time, the courts can opt to place a child with another family member or foster family. So, relatives need to know their options in establishing a conservatorship, or the legal right to care for a child. You need to prove to the court that the bests interests of your grandchildren include placement in your care.

However, Texas Courts prioritize relatives for child custody. A family court can make you a child’s guardian or conservator. They can order evaluations of the parents and other caregivers and appoint counselors or experts to help protect children. A Texas judge can restrict a child’s movement, approve medical care, and determine educational matters.

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