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Texas College Student Criminal Defense Lawyer

At Hoelscher Gebbia Cepeda PLLC, we defend the rights and freedom of college students in San Antonio and throughout Central Texas. As experienced Texas college student criminal defense lawyers, we explore every available option for minimizing the negative consequences when young people find themselves in legal trouble. HGC’s lawyers look for ways to address the underlying causes of criminal exposure, as well, including substance abuse, mental health, or negative peer groups.

Everyone knows that young people make mistakes, but when a student’s error in judgment leads to a criminal charge, the student’s entire future could be at risk. No one should be burdened with a lifetime of negative consequences for making a youthful mistake. Parents shouldn’t have to endure the fear that their child may have endangered their many sacrifices to help their child succeed.

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Common Student Crime Allegations in Texas

San Antonio is home to multiple colleges and universities, and each year students from all walks of life are accused of breaking the law. In most cases, students have no intention of harming anyone else, although violent crime incidents do occur.

The types of student cases we see most often in the San Antonio area include:

In any of these matters, the importance of having a dedicated San Antonio criminal defense attorney on your side cannot be overstated.

Why Student Criminal Accusations are Different

As young adults enter the freedom of college, they are also confronted by new challenges, such as increased access to alcohol and other drugs, while developing new peer groups. These stressors often lead to bad or impaired decision making. Even students who meet these challenges responsibly can find themselves accused by someone who is struggling. The student’s risks are exacerbated by collegiate or university conduct code and disciplinary procedures.

Each college and university in San Antonio, and throughout Texas, has its own system for handling student discipline. For example, UTSA police are much more likely to file criminal charges because UTSA is a state school. Trinity and St. Mary’s University are more likely to address accusations against students through their Housing and Resident Life offices because they have a high proportion of students living on campus. However, accused students often face criminal legal cases AND on-campus investigations. Both must be managed for the best possible outcome for your child.

Working To Minimize Negative Consequences for College Students

The possible penalties for a student offense will vary, depending on the severity of the criminal charge. In addition to penalties handed down in court, students may face collateral consequences such as suspension or expulsion from school. A conviction could also result in a criminal record and loss of financial aid. Of course, criminal charges against students may hurt employment opportunities or admission into graduate school, law school, medical school, or other programs. Hoelscher Gebbia Cepeda, PLLC can help mitigate criminal charges and with sealing or expunging criminal records after fighting the original case.

Additionally, when students struggle for a long time before their parents find out, our Texas college student criminal defense attorneys can direct your family to services to prevent the underlying causes of a student’s criminal exposure. HGC routinely works with experts in drug or alcohol abuse, such as Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselors, developmental disorders, such as ADHD or ASD, and forensic experts. College is an investment. So is hiring a law firm to help your student who is accused of a crime. Our college student criminal attorneys will look for ways to make sure your investment, and your child, are protected.

Our law firm takes a comprehensive approach to protecting the rights and interests of students. We know the courts, and we know how to seek the best possible outcome for each specific situation. We know our student clients need to graduate on time and be ready to apply for jobs or the next phase of their education. When you hire us, we get to know you and your child, where you’ve been, and what your goals are — so that we can help you and your student achieve them.

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Texas College Student Criminal Defense Attorneys Serving College Towns Throughout Texas

Although located in San Antonio, Texas, our criminal lawyers handle cases throughout Texas and are recognized in many Texas courts. Some places we practice regularly include:

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