Child Custody and Support

When parents choose to separate, most are willing to make compromises to resolve the matter quickly — but many draw the line at negotiating their relationship with their children. The lawyers at Hoelscher Gebbia Cepeda, PLLC, will defend your relationship with your child(ren) while protecting the child(ren) from custody litigation.

Lawyers Experienced in Child Welfare

At Hoelscher Gebbia Cepeda, PLLC, we understand the fear and frustration of potentially altering your relationship with your children. As experienced family law attorneys working with clients throughout San Antonio and Texas, we can help you assert your rights while ensuring your children receive the best possible care.

When you work with us, we will explain the factors to consider during child custody negotiations. In many cases, the issues are the same ones considered by a judge should you and the other parent of your child be unable to reach an agreement. A few of the most common custody matters we help our clients resolve include:

  • Determining Conservatorship of a child, whether Joint, Sole, or Possessory Conservatorship (who gets to make decisions)
  • Custody disputes between divorcing parents or those dissolving a domestic partnership
  • Modifications to existing custody orders, such as changes in visitation schedule
  • Child support matters, including changes to the amount of support should a parent's finances change significantly
  • Enforcement of child custody or child support orders, including defense against Motions to Enforce
  • CPS matters
  • Relocation and setting the primary residence
  • Domestic violence and other child abuse issues

Lawyers Experienced in Assisting Families With Special Needs

Every child is special. Our family law attorneys work hard to ensure that each child is viewed individually. From helping children and parents cope with the stress of custody battles to helping locate services for traumatized children, we have experience protecting our clients' children under a variety of circumstances. Parents can request assistance finding counselors, play therapists, ad litem attorneys or amicus attorneys. We can make referrals for play therapy, speech therapy and physical therapy. Our family lawyers have worked with rehabilitative institutions and Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselors. We have helped with Admission, Review and Dismissal ("ARD") meetings and Individualized Educational Programs ("IEPs"). We are here to help your family, not just in court, but by helping find and coordinate services to meet your family's unique needs. Our clients include:
  • Clients who haven't seen their children or have been alienated from their children
  • Parents with PTSD
  • Disabled veterans
  • Parents who have discovered they are not their child's biological parent
  • Parents with substance abuse issues or whose children have substance abuse issues
  • Families impacted by mental illness

We Know What To Do When Family Law And Criminal Law Overlap

As an established criminal defense and family law firm, attorneys and law firms turn to us because of our experience handling the most difficult criminal and family law situations. We routinely help family law clients accused of DWI or drug offenses, domestic violence, child abuse or neglect, and other criminal offenses.

If criminal accusations have contributed to the dissolution of your marriage or are the reason for a new child custody fight, we can assess all aspects of your case. We use our network of resources to gather evidence as well as provide support for children and others who are suffering the emotional and psychological trauma of a violent or abusive home or false accusations. Our experience enables us to quickly stabilize and protect your family while we work together towards a new beginning.

Lawyers Experienced in Handling Texas CPS

Child Protective Services, a division of the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (“DFPS”), plays a role in many child custody disputes in Texas, especially in Bexar County. Our experienced CPS lawyers understand how to defend against CPS interference. We also know how to use the resources available through CPS to help our clients’ families.

We can help when CPS is involved in your family law case, whether CPS has become involved because of a false complaint or your family wants free CPS services. Our reputation for our child protective services cases extends throughout Texas.

Ensuring That Your Child Receives Appropriate Financial Assistance

With a network of professional resources for handling delicate custody and support matters, we will ensure that your children receive the financial assistance they need to continue their lives with minimal disruption. Ranging from financial support for school activities, special education, tutoring, medical treatment and therapy to expenses for travel and other activities, we will see that the amount of support you pay, or if you maintain primary custody, the amount your child receives, is appropriate.

Children in Texas are entitled to child support, and the amount is largely determined by statute. For example, a parent with one child who resides with the other parent is generally required to pay 20% of their income. This amount increases by 5% for each additional child up to a maximum child support amount (which changes). Parents who are paying support for other children outside the current order may receive an offset to reduce their payments. Additionally, the State of Texas requires medical support or health insurance for children. These numbers serve as a starting place for calculating child support, but may be changed by agreement of the parents.

However, there are exceptions when child support should be lowered, or increased, do to special circumstances. Experienced child support attorneys know when the law allows child support modification, even when the parties won’t agree.

Reach Out to Us When Determining Child Custody and Support

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