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Right to Self Defense in TX Domestic Violence Cases


People have stereotypes about domestic violence victims and abusers. For instance, people usually think victims should be meek and helpless, and abusers should be big, strong, and intimidating. But when you’re talking about a person who has been physically, emotionally, and verbally abused, their sense of self breaks down over time due to constant abuse…. read more

Who Can Own a Gun or Firearm in Texas


It’s no secret that many Texans are passionate about guns. In fact, they purchased 1,732,651 guns in 2022. But owning a gun, or any kind of firearm or weapon, comes with great responsibility. That means that gun owners or those planning to own a gun in Texas must follow federal and state gun laws or… read more

Your Legal Rights When a Police Officer Pulls You Over


Getting pulled over by the police can be a scary and daunting experience, even if you believe that you did not violate any laws. Unfortunately, routine traffic stops can be potentially life-threatening, especially for people of color. It can be very intimidating to feel powerless when you get pulled over by the police. But as… read more

When Can Police Search My Vehicle or Property


The Fourth Amendment and Texas law protect individuals against unreasonable police searches and seizures. Understanding your legal rights when it comes to search and seizure procedures by the police can be confusing, particularly if the police try to manipulate or coerce you or overstep their authority by claiming they have the legal right to search… read more

Finding a Qualified Sex Crime Defense Lawyer in San Antonio


Courts reserve some of the harshest and most impactful punishments today for sex crimes. Whether it’s a conviction in Texas for rape, sexual abuse, indecency with a child, pornography charges, or sexual coercion, you can face hefty fines, a spot on the sex offender registry, decades to life in prison, and other collateral consequences. Prosecutors… read more