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What Are The Differences Between Federal and State Crimes?


States have jurisdiction over offenders who break state laws, which involves arresting, charging, prosecuting, and convicting them. On the other hand, the federal government has jurisdiction over offenders who commit crimes on federal property, such as murder in a national building, or whose acts occur across state lines, such as a human trafficker who transports… read more

What Are Examples of Major Misdemeanors in TX?


When a person is charged with or arrested for a crime, the prosecution will charge them with either a felony or misdemeanor. Felony crimes are more serious than misdemeanor crimes. Misdemeanors in TX are punishable by up to a year in county or local jail and are classified as Class A, Class B, or Class… read more

Most Dangerous Federal Crimes Committed in Texas


Texas is a large state with a rich history and a very diverse population. Unfortunately, just like any other U.S. state, it also has its fair share of criminal activity. While no “safe” crimes exist, some are more dangerous for various reasons than others. Some of the most dangerous federal crimes committed by those in… read more

What Are Examples of Major Felonies in Texas


Felonies are the most severe type of crimes in Texas. They are punishable by more than one year of jail time and steeper fines, so they’re normally reserved for violent crimes. Crimes that endanger public safety are major felonies. These include: Child pornography Hate crimes Kidnapping Carjacking Bank robbery Extortion Environmental crimes Civil rights abuse… read more