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Do I Have to Tell My Ex-Spouse that I Am Moving?


If you and your ex share no children, your only obligation to them post-divorce is living up to your end of the responsibilities as set forth by the court. If you share minor children, however, it is a different matter. If you are the primary custodial parent and you plan on moving somewhere that is… read more

Can an Alimony Order Be Changed after a Divorce?


Whether you pay alimony or receive it, it likely plays a critical role in your finances. Generally, alimony – or spousal maintenance – orders are set for an amount and duration that stays in place until the order plays out. There are, however, some instances in which an alimony order can be changed post-divorce. If… read more

What Are The Differences Between Federal and State Crimes?


States have jurisdiction over offenders who break state laws, which involves arresting, charging, prosecuting, and convicting them. On the other hand, the federal government has jurisdiction over offenders who commit crimes on federal property, such as murder in a national building, or whose acts occur across state lines, such as a human trafficker who transports… read more