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What Are Examples of Police Misconduct


The police play a vital role in our community by helping maintain public safety and order. The law provides law enforcement officers authority to investigate, stop, and deter crimes to achieve the goals of the police. Police who perform their duties according to the law help ensure the safety of the community, gain the confidence… read more

How Being a First Time Offender Affects Penalties


First-time offenders are people who have never been convicted of a crime before. They also usually don’t have prior criminal records. If you’re in this exact situation right now or think that you might soon be, you are probably scared and confused about what happens next. For most first-time offenders, their main concerns are whether… read more

Steps to Take After Being Arrested in Texas


If you have been arrested in Texas, the first thing you should remember is that you have constitutional rights. These rights help make sure that you get a fair trial and avoid giving law enforcement officers or the prosecution with self-incriminating information. But you must know these constitutional protections and when and how you must… read more

How to File for Child Custody Contempt in Texas


Court orders containing parenting agreements after a divorce or separation are very serious and legally binding. Strict compliance with these court orders is crucial to maintain the stability and well-being of the children after their parent’s part ways. When a parent does not comply with the court order, this creates an atmosphere of chaos for… read more

How Will I Know My Miranda Rights Were Violated?


Most people have heard about or have some idea of their Miranda rights. But most do not know that the police are legally required to read them their Miranda rights in specific situations and that there are exceptions to that legal requirement. Essentially, Miranda rights protect you from providing information that can incriminate you and… read more