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Domestic Violence Consequences in Texas


heated, but they rarely reach the point where one of the parties commits a crime. But in some unfortunate cases, domestic disputes can lead to family violence. Family violence, as it’s called in Texas, is a serious crime. However, some people can weaponize the law, meant to protect innocent victims, in contentious family law cases…. read more

When to Hire a Family Lawyer in San Antonio


If you are wondering if you need to hire a family lawyer in San Antonio, odds are, you probably do. The main purpose of having an experienced family lawyer on your side is to make sure that the best interests of your family, particularly your children, will be protected. If you’re still thinking about whether… read more

Military Divorces with PTSD | Texas Divorce Lawyers


When you get married most people aren’t thinking about divorce. Yet a divorce becomes a reality for a lot of people due to stress, abuse, or infidelity. Imagine a marriage in which one or both parties is a member of the military. Now you might face infidelity, loneliness, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), and other unfortunate… read more

Will I lose My License if I Get a DWI?


Yes. You may lose your driver’s license if you get convicted of a DWI in Texas. An automatic administrative license revocation (ALR) suspension will be triggered if you get a DWI or if you get arrested for DWI and refuse to take a breath or blood test. It’s important to note that this suspension is… read more

Do I Have to Go to Court to Get Divorced?


Divorce is among the most difficult legal events married couples can face in their lives. When you get a divorce, you will face emotional, financial, and legal losses. Divorce, like your marriage, is a legal proceeding that will require filing necessary documents with the court. But this doesn’t automatically mean that you’ll need to go… read more