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Marcus Cooper’s Story


Marcus Cooper was a court-appointed client charged with Aggravated Assault-Deadly Weapon. Despite significant negative media coverage, he was acquitted by a jury. Joe Hoelscher’s cross-examination of the interrogating detective is now the subject of a Mandatory Continuing Legal Education (“MCLE”) course taught to lawyers. After winning the first case, Mr. Hoelscher was removed and a… read more

Hilda Valadez’ Story


Hilda Valadez was a prominent San Antonio lawyer who was infamous for her aggressive style and the difficult cases she handled, including death penalty cases. In a case that received national attention, Hilda was indicted for 46 counts of White Collar crimes, including the alleged forgery of multiple judges’ signatures on court orders. Although this… read more

Tatiana Anderson’s Story


Tatiana Anderson is a young girl who was mauled by a neighborhood dog. As part of our firm’s ongoing commitment to child welfare cases, Tatiana was represented pro bono. We sought, and received, national media coverage as a means of warning dog owners about the risk of chaining dogs in the summer heat. New York… read more

Theresa Rodriguez’ Story


Theresa Rodriguez was a teen mom who did everything right after DFPS/CPS got involved in her life. Overcoming incredible abuse, the suicide of her fiancé, and her own mental health issues, Theresa graduated, got off Disability, became employed and won her daughter back. Unfortunately, after two jury trials involving six parties, she lost her rights… read more

Frank Dotson’s Story


Frank Dotson was well-known to many folks on the East Side of San Antonio and was a cook at Fort Sam Houston. One night, he was caught in a gun fight between drug dealers and charged with Capital Murder. After the charges were reduced, Frank was tried on 2 counts of Aggravated Assault-Deadly Weapon. His… read more