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Is it Possible to Have DWI Charges Dropped or Lowered in TX?


Yes, it’s possible to have your DWI charges lowered or dropped in TX. The state takes driving while intoxicated or DWI charges and other related offenses very seriously, so they are punishable by high fines and incarceration. But in some cases, these charges can be lowered to a less severe offense. Different factors must be… read more

Compelling Transparency in Texas CPS Cases


Texas Child Protective Services (“CPS”), a division of the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (“DFPS”), does not like to provide answers or information about their cases. Despite a series of reforms to increase transparency in CPS investigations and legal cases, CPS routinely fails to notify parents, relatives, and foster parents of their rights… read more

Consequences of Domestic Violence in Texas


In Texas, you may face a domestic violence charge if you allegedly committed a violent act against a member of your family or household or someone you are dating or have dated. Crimes involving domestic violence usually carry higher and more serve penalties and consequences than similar assault offenses involving non-family members. Domestic Assault Penalties… read more

What is a Child Custody or Support Modification?


Courts don’t like it when families don’t get along, especially when orders relating to minor children are involved. These orders typically include child custody or conservatorship orders, child support orders, and child visitation or possession orders. To respect the requirement to follow existing court orders and be fair to parents, the law allows parents to… read more

What Happens If You Get Caught Shoplifting in TX?


Shoplifting is among the most common crimes in TX. While this theft crime doesn’t involve violence, it can still result in jail time for offenders. Generally speaking, the severity of penalties and consequences for shoplifting would depend on the stolen good’s value. If you’re facing a charge of shoplifting, you should take it seriously and… read more