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Texas Obscenity Laws


Obscenity laws vary widely across the country but generally prohibit the sale or distribution of obscene material.  Most obscenity laws act to control obscenity in states by declaring what is legally obscene, indecent, or morally offensive.  However, courts in the United States and Texas have had difficulty defining exactly what is offensive or not in… read more

What is an Aggravated DWI?


If you or a loved one are facing aggravated DWI charges in Texas, you need to know the potential penalties of your charge and the difference between a DWI and an aggravated DWI. The following is a basic explanation of the aggravating factors involved in an aggravated DWI and its range of punishment. What Is… read more

Motion to Revoke Probation in Texas


A Motion to Revoke Probation is a formal document filed by the State of Texas against an individual who is sentenced to probation or community supervision. It details when, where, and how a probation violation or violations took place. A Motion to Revoke Probation is serious and could mean jail or prison time for any… read more

Texas Deferred Adjudication


In Texas, a deferred adjudication is a legal option for those who plead guilty or no contest. This option may enable a defendant to avoid a trial and possible conviction. A guilty or no contest plea to charges can be exchanged for deferred adjudication, giving a judge the option to defer a guilty verdict for… read more

Straight Probation in Texas


There are many mitigating circumstances after someone is arrested and charged with a misdemeanor or felony in Texas. Much can factor into the range of punishment a person faces. The outcome of a case may be influenced by: Mandatory punishments Criminal history Circumstances of the crime Severity of the crime Some offense committed in Texas… read more