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What Happens to Your Shared Debts in a TX Divorce?


Finances are usually the most contentious issue in a divorce. Because TX is a community property state, this means that properties and assets acquired during the marriage are shared between the spouses. Many people think that debts are considered community property in TX as well. But this is not entirely accurate. In Texas, the liability… read more

What Constitutes Child Abandonment in TX?


Parents are unpleasantly surprised when they learn that they’ve been accused of abusing, endangering, or abandoning their child. Unfortunately, accusations of child abandonment are common, and even the most devoted and loving parents can be accused of child abandonment. Because Texas has very stringent child and family violence laws, the authorities are often quick to… read more

Texas Child Custody Factors


If you are contemplating a Texas divorce and have children, it is imperative you are familiar with the state’s custody terminology and method of determining child custody. While this is only a brief overview of Texas child custody, it will help you prepare for your meeting with an experienced San Antonio child custody attorney. Conservatorship… read more