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NCDD’s Member in the Spotlight


Our very own Joseph Hoelscher has been selected as the NCDD’s Member in the Spotlight. He received his undergraduate and two masters degrees from St. Mary’s University. He then earned his law degree from Baylor Law School. Joseph has been practicing law for over 12 years. Read the full article at the National College of DUI Defense… read more

How to transfer home ownership after a divorce


Joseph Hoelscher was recently asked to lend his professional opinion to a helpful article on what to know when transferring your house or property after a divorce. See his contribution below and follow the link at the end to read the full article. Ask an expert: How can I make the process go as smoothly… read more

A Guide to DWI Laws in Texas


Texas may be known as a law and order state. But when it comes to drunk driving infractions, Texans have a statistically high disregard for following the rules. Sadly, Texas outpaces every other state in the nation for number of alcohol related traffic fatalities according to the 2018 Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Ratings. Every… read more

6 Financial Considerations for Remarriage

Factor in your children’s inheritance and estate planning before you remarry. WHEN YOU REMARRY, you’re not only combining residences with your new spouse, you’re also merging your finances. And if you have children, that may involve some financial-related stress. For instance, you might need to factor in child support payments or consider whether your new… read more