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What is a Complex Divorce?


Divorce is hard. Even a relatively simple divorce—one with limited assets and no children—can be challenging to navigate. There are a lot of legal and logistical issues. Of course, many divorces are not simple divorces. You may find yourself locked in a complex divorce case. In this article, our San Antonio divorce attorney provides a comprehensive guide to complex divorce in Texas.

A Complex Divorce is One that Cannot Be Easily Settled

While a “complex divorce” is not a technical legal category, it is a term used to describe divorces with more challenging issues that defy a straightforward resolution. These are often contested divorce cases—or at least they start out as contested divorce cases. In a complex divorce in San Antonio, high income or high assets, a custody dispute, or conflict of personalities can make a settlement very difficult to reach.

Three Things that Make a Divorce in Texas Complex

In Texas, a divorce can become a complex divorce for a wide range of different reasons. With that being said, complex divorces typically involve one (or more) of the following three issues:

  • High Net Worth: High net worth divorces are inherently complicated due to the substantial assets involved. These cases often require detailed financial analysis to properly assess and divide assets such as real estate, investments, retirement accounts, and business interests. Beyond that, there may be issues related to suspensions of hidden/undisclosed assets. A forensic accountant may even need to be brought in. As explained by the Texas State Law Library, our state uses a community property standard. Each spouse is considered a joint owner of any marital property.
  • Challenging Child Custody or Visitation Issues: For parents of young kids or teenagers, a divorce should be handled with an extra degree of care and sensitivity. Many divorces become complicated divorces because there are challenging issues that need to be resolved regarding child custody and visitation. It can be especially difficult if the parents are not going to live in close proximity together after the separation. A strong, well-crafted, and detailed parenting agreement is a must.
  • Difficult Dispute: Finally, high levels of conflict between the (soon-to-be) former spouses can also make divorce in San Antonio extremely complicated. There could be disagreements over a wide range of different matters—from property to debts to kids to pets—and a couple may simply have a hard time negotiating in a collaborative manner. If you are involved in a difficult, high-conflict divorce, it is imperative that you are represented by an experienced San Antonio, TX divorce lawyer.

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