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What is the Fostering Process Like in Texas?


The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) reports that there are approximately 30,000 children in foster care in the State of Texas alone. As a person with an interest in a child who is (or will soon be) in the state’s foster care system, you may be wondering: What is the fostering process like in Texas? Here, our San Antonio family law attorney answers the question by highlighting the key things to know about the fostering process in Texas.

Background: What is Foster Care?

Foster care is a system in which minors who cannot live with their biological parents are placed in a temporary home. In Texas, a child may be placed with an individual foster family or within a group facility. The primary goal of foster care is to provide a safe, supportive environment for kids until they can be reunited with their families or until a more permanent placement solution can be found.

Know the Steps to Become a Foster Parent in Texas

Step #1: Know it is the Right Choice for You and Your Family

Becoming a foster parent is a great thing to do—but it is also a major decision. The first step is to carefully consider whether you and your family are prepared to provide a supportive and nurturing environment for a foster child.

Step #2: Submit an Application and Undergo a Background Check

When you are ready to move forward, you must fill out a detailed application with a licensed foster care agency in Texas and submit to a comprehensive background check. You must pass a background check to be eligible to provide foster care in Texas.

Step #3: Attend the Required Meetings and Trainings

Prior to getting approval, an applicant to become a foster parent must attend several meetings and training sessions. These are designed to provide essential information and skills needed to care for foster children.

Step #4: Undergo a Home Study

Similar to adoption, home study is a required part of becoming a foster parent. You must allow a qualified social worker to conduct a home study, which includes visits to your home to assess the living environment and interviews with all household members.

Step #5: Await Initial Approval (Three to Six Months)

Finally, prospective foster parents should wait for the initial approval from the fostering agency. In most cases, this typically takes between three to six months. During this period, your application and home study are reviewed to make a final decision on your eligibility to foster.

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