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How to Deal With a Custody Battle With Your Ex


Are you a divorced or separated parent of a young child or a teenager? Working out custody can be one of the most challenging aspects of co-parenting. You may be wondering: How do I deal with a custody battle with my ex? The answer depends on several different case-specific factors. You need to understand Texas law and develop a strategy that both protects your parental rights and creates the best environment for your child(ren). Here, our San Antonio child custody attorney highlights the key things you should know about handling a custody battle with an ex.

Background: Texas Does Not Use Term “Custody”—But Concept is Similar

As a starting point, it is useful to familiarize yourself with our state’s terminology. In Texas, the term “custody” is not technically used in a formal legal context. However, the underlying concept remains quite similar. Texas law refers to custody arrangements as a “conservatorship—which involves determining parental rights and parental responsibilities.

The Best Interests of the Children Always Take Priority in Texas

Texas uses “the best interests of the child” as a legal standard in custody battles (State Bar of Texas). The paramount consideration in determining conservatorship arrangements is what is best for the children involved. The standard exists to ensure that all decisions about living arrangements, visitation, and parenting time are made to foster the child’s health, safety, happiness, security, and development. Texas courts examine a wide variety of factors to determine what is best for a child.

The Three Big Tips to Dealing With a Custody Battle With Your Ex

Are you in the process of trying to figure out how to manage custody with your ex? It can be hard—even if you are your former partner to get along relatively well. Here are three big tips that you can use to manage a custody issue in Texas:

  • Start By Trying to Find a Collaborative Solution: The best way to manage a child custody battle is to avoid turning it into a real battle. Starting with a collaborative approach can lead to more amicable resolutions. Although not possible in every case, you should at least make a good-faith effort to work out a settlement with your co-parent.
  • Remember to Center the Child’s Best Interests: Always prioritize the child’s emotional and physical well-being in every decision made during the custody process. The focus helps ensure that the child’s health, education, and personal development are at the forefront. Texas courts look fondly on parents that do right by their children.
  • Seek Professional Legal Representation: You do not have to take on a child custody case alone. A knowledgeable San Antonio family law attorney can provide critical guidance and advocacy throughout the custody battle.

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