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What are Major Misdemeanors in TX?


In Texas, criminal charges are split into two broad categories — misdemeanors and felonies. A misdemeanor is a less serious charge than a felony. Though, it would be a big mistake to view a misdemeanor as a “minor” issue. There are major misdemeanor offenses that can carry significant jail time. Here, our San Antonio criminal defense attorney provides an overview of major misdemeanor offenses in Texas.

Three Classifications of Misdemeanor Offenses in Texas

While crimes in Texas are split into the two broad categories of misdemeanor and felony, there are also a number of additional subcategories. As explained by the Bexar County Misdemeanor Trial Division, there are actually three different classifications of misdemeanor offenses in Texas. How a specific charge is classified will have an impact on the maximum potential criminal penalties. Here is an overview of the three different types of misdemeanors in Texas:

  • Class C Misdemeanor Offenses: The least serious criminal charge, a Class C misdemeanor is punishable by up to a $500 fine. There is no jail time. Most Class C misdemeanors are traffic offenses. Though very minor theft offenses could also be Class C misdemeanors.
  • Class B Misdemeanor Offenses: A more serious offense, a Class B misdemeanor charge is a crime that carries a maximum $2,000 fine and a maximum of six months (180 days) in jail in Texas.
  • Class A Misdemeanor Offenses: The most serious type of misdemeanor, a Class A misdemeanor, is sometimes called a major misdemeanor. It is a crime that carries a maximum $4,000 fine and up to one year in jail.

A List of Class A Misdemeanor Crimes in Texas

What are the most common major misdemeanor offenses? Here is a list of charges that can be brought as a Class A misdemeanor offense carrying up to one year in jail in Texas:

  • Assault Causing Bodily Injury: Intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly causing bodily injury to another person could be charged as Class A misdemeanor assault in Texas.
  • Burglary of a Vehicle: A crime when someone unlawfully enters a vehicle with the intent to commit a felony or a theft offense can be brought as a major misdemeanor.
  • Second-Time Driving While Intoxicated (DWI): A second DWI offense in Texas is treated more harshly than the first. It is classified as a Class A misdemeanor offense.
  • Possession of a Controlled Substance: Possession of certain (small) amounts of drugs, such as cocaine, heroin, or methamphetamine, can lead to Class A misdemeanor charges.
  • Theft: Theft of property valued at $750 to $2,500 can be classified as a Class A misdemeanor in Texas.
  • Violation of a Protective Order: Intentionally or knowingly violating certain provisions of a protective order could be a major misdemeanor crime in Texas.

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