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How Long Does the Adoption Process Take in Texas?


While no one can determine how long any one adoption will take, there are guidelines you can follow.

Adopting a child is a blessing for the entire family. However, it is still a legal process, and you will have many questions along the way. One of the most common questions we hear is how long the process will take in Texas. No one can give you an exact timeline regarding how long it will take you to adopt a child, but there are some guidelines you can follow. Our Texas family lawyer outlines these below.

Agency Domestic Infant Adoption

Agency domestic infant adoptions are the most common type of adoption in Texas. These involve using a private agency to adopt a child. The general guideline for this type of adoption is as follows:

  • Background checks: You must pass certain clearances and background checks before you are approved to adopt, including a home study. This process can take two to three months to complete.
  • Birth mother match: Some families already know of a birth mother but that is not always the case. Most families must wait to be matched with a birth mother. According to a study conducted in 2015, nearly half of adoptive parents wait six months or less to be matched with a birth mother.
  • Placement: The length of time you will have to wait after being matched with a birth mother depends on how far along, she is in her pregnancy. Most people wait at least two months before placement occurs.
  • Finalization: An adoption is only complete after it has been finalized legally. This usually takes place approximately six months after placement.

The above process usually takes about one year to complete.

Foster Care Adoption

Foster care adoptions are also very common in Texas. The timeline is similar to agency domestic infant adoption, but it does vary slightly. The foster care adoption process is as follows:

  • Background checks: Like adopting through an agency, all foster parents must undergo background checks and a home study. Foster parents must also complete a 35-hour training program and receive other certifications. This process takes approximately six months.
  • Placement: There are many foster children in Texas waiting for good homes. As such, the placement stage of the process does not usually take very long. The fewer preferences you have for the child you want to adopt, the shorter this phase is.
  • Opportunity: Many parents of foster children are still working towards a reunification plan, which can increase the amount of time it takes. However, if you choose a child who is already in the foster care system and ready for adoption, you will not have to wait as long.

After a foster child is placed in a home, the adoption process typically takes between six and twelve months.

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