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Inside the World of Federal Crimes: Insights from a Federal Crimes Lawyer


The United States government is known for aggressively prosecuting federal crimes and imposing immensely severe penalties on convicted offenders. If you are being charged with a federal offense, it is completely normal to feel overwhelmed. Facing a federal criminal charge is something that no one should take lightly.

But not everyone knows what they should do when this happens to them. Here are some simple tips from a Texas federal crimes lawyer to help you protect your legal rights when facing federal criminal charges.

Remember That You Have The Right to Remain Silent, and You Should

Don’t answer questions posed by federal officers in an interrogation or interview if you don’t have your Texas federal crimes lawyer with you. Federal officers are highly trained to obtain confessions from people and are not above using all kinds of intimidation tricks. They employ these tricks to rattle and scare you and make you feel that you must answer their question or else something bad might happen to you.

Whether you’ve been arrested or are being investigated for a federal offense, remember that they will use everything you say to them against you. If you don’t exercise your rights to stay silent and have a lawyer with you during questioning, you risk incriminating yourself and hurting your entire case.

Speak to a Texas Federal Crimes Lawyer ASAP

Discuss your case with a Texas federal crimes lawyer as soon as possible. Federal officers usually take months or years to investigate criminal suspects before filing charges against anyone. This means that your lawyer will have to play catch up because the federal government has already built a case against you. The sooner you can speak to a federal crimes attorney, the higher your chances of winning your case or mitigating the serious consequences with a plea deal.

Figure Out Whether a Plea Bargain or a Trial is Best For You

Plea bargaining may help reduce your risk of getting charged with more serious crimes. However, you would have to plead guilty to the crime you’re accused of and serve some prison time. If you take your case to trial, the prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you’re guilty of the charges against you in order to secure a conviction.

Our Texas federal crimes lawyers know the disadvantages and advantages of going to trial and accepting a plea deal from the prosecution and can weigh all the pros and cons of each to determine the most appropriate option for your case.

Seek Legal Guidance From a Seasoned Texas Federal Crimes Lawyer Now

The Texas federal crimes lawyer at Hoelscher Gebbia Cepeda PLLC frequently defends people accused of federal and state crimes and knows exactly what to do to win a case. If you are facing federal criminal charges, such as fraud, drug distribution embezzlement, money laundering, or sex crime, you should act right away to secure your freedom. Send us an online message or dial 210-222-9132 to talk to our Texas federal crimes lawyer and learn how they can help.