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Protecting Your Family’s Future: How a San Antonio Family Law Attorney Can Help You Navigate Family Law Matters


Family law is one of the most delicate areas of the Texas legal system because it usually involves highly complex, emotionally charged, and contentious issues. When working with the San Antonio family law attorney at Hoelscher Gebbia Cepeda PLLC, we can assure you that we understand the delicacy, experience, skills, and professionalism required to navigate these sensitive matters.

Whether you require assistance with child custody, spousal maintenance, child support, or your divorce, our San Antonio family law attorney can guide you throughout the entire legal process and safeguard your rights. We regularly handle family law cases involving the following:

Dealing With Divorce in Texas

On top of the emotional stress of ending a marriage, you must also resolve various conflicts and legal issues during a divorce. These issues typically involve child custody, property and debt division, child support, spousal maintenance, and debt settlement, among others. Our San Antonio family law attorney will answer all your questions, walk you through all your legal options, and ensure you understand how the decisions you make could impact you and your family’s future.

Navigating Delicate Child Custody and Child Support Cases

Disputes regarding the custody and support of children are one of the most challenging issues for many families. Our San Antonio family law attorney approaches each custody and support case with the children’s best interests in mind. Resolving disputes involving children requires more than legal knowledge and experience. Our compassionate and child-centered approach will help resolve whatever disputes you’re facing as amicably and quickly as possible.

Defending Against Child Abuse Allegations

Getting a call or visit from the Texas Child Protective Services (CPS) about a child abuse or neglect complaint against you is extremely frightening. When this happens, speak to our San Antonio family law attorney as soon as you can to learn how you can protect your child, defend yourself, and protect your parental rights.

Protecting You and Your Children Against Family Violence

If you or your child has been hurt physically, emotionally, sexually, or mentally, it’s critical that you consult with our San Antonio family law attorney right away to ensure your family’s safety moving forward.

Dealing With Family Disputes Proactively

In some cases, we can prevent family disputes from happening. Our San Antonio family law attorneys can negotiate a prenuptial agreement that will specify each party’s assets and debts before getting married, business interests, child support and custody, and spousal maintenance. Should you end up getting a divorce, having a solid prenuptial agreement can help simplify the divorce process.

Seek Legal Guidance From a Seasoned San Antonio Family Law Attorney Now

At Hoelscher Gebbia Cepeda PLLC, our San Antonio family law attorneys can guide you through various family law issues you may be facing. If you are fighting for custody or support, filing for divorce, or involved in any kind of dispute related to family law, we will use our experience and resources to secure the best possible outcome for your case.

To arrange a consultation with our San Antonio family law attorney, you can reach us online or by phone at 210-222-9132.