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Why Does The TX Adoption Process Take So Long?


The adoption process in Texas may take a long time, depending on various factors. In general, these factors can include:

  • State adoption laws and proceedings
  • Your age and financial capacity
  • Whether you have other children
  • Whether you have age, gender, or racial preferences
  • Whether you want a domestic or international adoption
  • Whether you want a foster care or agency adoption

Every adoption journey will vary widely from one person to another, and for many people who are starting their journeys, the entire process can seem overwhelming. To get a better sense of why the adoption process may take longer and what you should expect, here’s what you should know about the adoption process in Texas.

Complete The Home Study

Once you have chosen the kind of adoption you want and have met all the eligibility requirements for adoption, you can begin the process, which starts with the home study. During the home study, a caseworker assigned to your case will visit and inspect your home. They will discuss your family lifestyle and interests, personal history, childcare experience, and your ability to meet the child’s needs.

The home study will involve an interview with you and other people in your home and criminal, medical, and financial background checks. The entire process may take two to six months.

Wait to Match With a Prospective Mother

You will not need to wait for a match if you already have a birth mother waiting and are going the independent adoption route. Otherwise, once you have completed the home study and have been approved for adoption, the prospective birth mothers will receive your profile so they can review it before they make a decision. This may take six months to a year.

Placement of Your Adoptive Child

Once you are chosen to be an adoptive parent, you should now wait for the placement of your adoptive child. After the mother has given birth, you will be given custody of the child. Take note, however, that the child will not be legally considered your child until the finalization of the adoption process.

Finalize The Adoption

Before your adoption can be finalized, you must go through the following steps first:

  • Wait for the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children or ICPC paperwork to clear. This could take seven to 10 days and only applies to interstate adoptions.
  • Complete approximately five post-placement inspections that will be conducted by the caseworker.
  • Attend the adoption finalization hearing. The judge will review the adoption to make sure that the ICPC paperwork was completed, post-placement inspections were conducted, and the parental rights of the adoptive child have been legally terminated. This could take at least six months to complete.

Seek Legal Help From a Skilled Texas Adoption Lawyer

There are various factors that will come into play when determining how long the adoption process in Texas could take. Before you embark on your adoption journey, it’s crucial to understand these factors, how adoption works in the TX, and legal rights as an adoptive parent. To learn more about Texas adoptions, reach out to Hoelscher Gebbia Cepeda PLLC and arrange your case review with our Texas adoption lawyer by contacting us online or calling 210-222-9132.