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Intoxalock Alcohol Monitoring | Driving While Intoxicated


Intoxalock alcohol monitoring uses breath alcohol ignition interlock devices (BAIID) to reduce the occurrence of people driving while intoxicated. BAIIDs can be utilized in various situations where voluntary or court-ordered alcohol monitoring is needed. Having a BAIID installed in your vehicle can make obtaining an unrestricted occupational license and regaining your driving privileges easier after a DWI conviction.

Judges may also order home alcohol monitoring in child custody or family violence cases to enforce and monitor sobriety. They may also order BAIID installations in criminal cases involving defendants who were intoxicated while committing a crime.

How Intoxalock Alcohol Monitoring Works

Intoxalock alcohol monitoring entails the installation of a BAIID in your vehicle to prevent you from starting your vehicle if you are intoxicated. To use the device, you will need to blow into the mouthpiece before starting your vehicle so it can measure your current blood alcohol concentration (BAC). The monitoring system will capture these details from each breath sample and record them in a data log:

  • Your breath alcohol concentration
  • Time and date stamps
  • GPS location
  • Breath pressure
  • Tampering
  • Test failures
  • Photo verification

The data will then be downloaded and can be obtained by the appropriate authorities for monitoring your activities. For example, your lawyer can get your activity reports to prove your sobriety or when the monitoring system records an alleged violation. Your lawyer can use these reports to disprove that a positive result was due to something else and not due to drinking alcohol.

Bear in mind that certain things with alcohol content, including mouthwash, certain cough medicines, breath sprays, menthol cough drops, energy drinks, foods containing vanilla extract, and foods containing alcohol like rum cake or sauces with vodka, may sometimes result in a positive result. To prevent this from happening, wait at least 15 to 20 minutes after ingesting these items and rinse your mouth thoroughly with water before submitting a breath sample and driving your vehicle.

Intoxalock Alcohol Monitoring Helps Streamline Family Law Cases

Family law cases can be challenging and stressful for everyone involved. But cases involving alcohol abuse and child custody disputes can be even more difficult. Claims of alcohol abuse threaten the safety and well-being of children and have a significant effect on child custody orders. One of the most practical and accurate ways to disprove or prove alcohol abuse claims in family law cases is by using reports obtained through Intoxalock alcohol monitoring data logs.

Intoxalock alcohol monitoring can help parents manage their alcohol usage. In this scenario, all parties involved can agree on daily sobriety testing or during visitation with the child. Alcohol monitoring can likewise be used for proving or disproving misleading or false allegations of alcohol abuse since the activity logs and test results can help establish a pattern of alcohol use or sobriety.

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