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Military Divorces with PTSD | Texas Divorce Lawyers


When you get married most people aren’t thinking about divorce. Yet a divorce becomes a reality for a lot of people due to stress, abuse, or infidelity. Imagine a marriage in which one or both parties is a member of the military. Now you might face infidelity, loneliness, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), and other unfortunate events. Also, a person in the military is expected to put their country first, so this priority over a family can be hindering as well.

What percentage of military marriages end in divorce? Around 3-4% of military marriages end in divorce. Unfortunately, once PTSD enters the relationship only about 3 out of 10 marriages will survive long term. Soldiers suffering from PTSD experience flashbacks, anxiety, and combative or protective behavior. PTSD affects not only the soldier but their loved ones as well. Sometimes this behavior becomes too much for a spouse to handle. Especially if there are kids in the picture, this behavior can be scary or overwhelming for your children to endure.

Soldiers with PTSD and domestic violence go hand in hand. Whether they’re perpetrators or victims, war veterans with PTSD experience more violence in their homes. In one study, 43% of veteran couples, men reported abusive behavior toward their partners. In another study, 55% of military couples dealing with PTSD reported some kind of physical altercation at some point in their relationship. Anywhere from 15 to 60% of veterans have abused their partner. Studies suggest that veterans are more likely to commit domestic violence if they were deployed multiple times, if they had to kill anyone, or if they witnessed any atrocities.

Yet, you must remember PTSD is not the soldier’s fault. This is sometimes the result of being a hero while fighting for their country. With time, patience, and good self-care PTSD can get better. Remaining in treatment for your PTSD will have a positive impact for everyone involved. The court, the lawyers, and the parents primary focus is to do what is in the best interests of the children.

Be sure to contact the San Antonio Texas military divorce attorneys at Hoelscher, Gebbia, Cepeda, PLLC to help you with your divorce. Divorce leads children to the worst places if done incorrectly. Children that do not get help with their feelings can lead to anxiety, sadness, and relationship problems later in life. Studies have shown having both parents actively involved can provide significant psychological, social, and health benefits. Also, can provide greater opportunities for them to find their own paths to success.

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