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Steps to Take After Being Arrested in Texas


If you have been arrested in Texas, the first thing you should remember is that you have constitutional rights. These rights help make sure that you get a fair trial and avoid giving law enforcement officers or the prosecution with self-incriminating information. But you must know these constitutional protections and when and how you must invoke them after you have been arrested.

To protect your rights and ensure the best possible outcome for your situation, here are steps to take immediately after getting arrested in TX.

Do Not Resist Arrest

Don’t run away or fight with the police. They can arrest you after showing you or telling you that they have an arrest warrant with a judge’s signature. They have to tell you why you are being arrested and ensure that you understand what they’re saying. They cannot hurt you, but they can touch you.

Bear in mind, however, that you can be arrested without an arrest warrant if you’ve committed or if the police believe that you’ll commit a crime. For example, you can be arrested without a warrant if the police saw you commit a crime and must identify you, prevent you from committing a crime, stop you from destroying or tampering with evidence, or ensure that you’ll go to court.

Do Not Answer Any Questions

If the police had a warrant or probable cause for your arrest, you could still invoke certain rights. Beyond providing the police with your name, age, and address, you are not legally required to give them any more information. You have the right to remain silent. This right will protect you from giving the police information or evidence that can incriminate you. The court can and will use anything you say to the police, so it’s critical that you speak to your Texas criminal defense attorney before talking to the police.

Contact Your Texas Criminal Defense Lawyer ASAP

Being arrested is a stressful and unpleasant experience for anyone. Most people just want to avoid jail and mistakenly believe that if they explain what happened and cooperate with the police, they will be allowed to go. Never try to bargain with the police, agree to a lineup, or decide on anything about your case without speaking to your Texas criminal defense attorney.

Tell the police that you wish to contact your lawyer. They’re legally obligated to help you do so. Keep in mind that talking to your lawyer in private is your right.

Consult With a Seasoned Texas Criminal Defense Lawyer Now

From the minute the police arrest you for an alleged crime until your case has been resolved, working with a skilled Texas criminal defense lawyer is a must. Aside from guiding you through the entire criminal justice process, they can likewise evaluate all the circumstances regarding your situation to see whether or not you have been subjected to any unlawful police conduct.

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