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Going Back to School Might Mean CPS Calling


Most parents don’t know or understand the specific rules and boundaries that CPS (Child Protective Services) must comply with when investigating allegations of child abuse. So it’s understandable that parents feel scared and confused when they receive a call or visit from the CPS. They usually feel threatened and personally attacked because the people on the other side of the phone or door can take their children away for all sorts of unreasonable reasons.

CPS, or the Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) as it is known in Texas, is an essential agency because there are parents who do abuse their kids, and kids need protection from them. However, for parents who are responsible and don’t abuse their kids, getting a call or visit from the CPS can be their worst nightmare.

How Schools Abuse The CPS System and Why It’s Unfair for Parents

According to an investigative report by the Hechinger Report, schools take advantage of the CPS system to strong-arm unsuspecting parents. In Texas, school employees are legally obligated to report suspected cases of child neglect or abuse, which is crucial in ensuring the safety of children. But according to most parents, advocates, child welfare experts, and lawyers, schools are known to abuse this authority.

Tired of dealing with what they think are irresponsible parents who disagree with them on school matters or disruptive children they supposedly can’t handle, schools sometimes threaten parents with a CPS investigation to coerce parents into doing things that parents don’t understand or feel are not right for their kids. This approach is very inappropriate and can be immensely devastating for parents, even when the abuse or neglect allegations are found to be false later.

School employees usually file child abuse reports anonymously. This rule is supposed to protect the children. Instead, it has allowed some people to hide while potentially making false allegations of abuse that could end up in your child being taken away from you. In addition, CPS officers can speak to your child’s teachers without your consent or knowledge, which can lead to unfair investigation results if the teachers or caseworker assigned to your case is unreasonable.

All too often, parents, and ultimately their children, end up suffering because of unfair and unfounded abuse allegations.

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CPS officers and school employees are legally required to protect the best interests of children. But they can sometimes be overzealous or spiteful and infringe on your rights as a parent. If you’re a parent who has been negatively affected by a CPS investigation, you must learn about what CPS can and can’t do legally.

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