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Motion to Revoke Probation in Texas


A Motion to Revoke Probation is a formal document filed by the State of Texas against an individual who is sentenced to probation or community supervision. It details when, where, and how a probation violation or violations took place. A Motion to Revoke Probation is serious and could mean jail or prison time for any proven probation violation.

A probation officer or the State may request the court revoke probation if there is reasonable cause to believe there was a violation of any written conditions or regulations of probation. Once there is a Motion to Revoke Probation on file, the court may:

  • Issue a summons directing the defendant to appear before the judge on a specified date and time of their own volition; or
  • Issue a warrant for arrest to bring the defendant into custody.

How is a Motion to Revoke Probation Different than Other Criminal Proceedings?

A Motion to Revoke Probation hearing is much different than a standard criminal trial. There are fewer rights allowed a defendant, including:

  • No right to a jury of one’s peers
  • A lower burden of proof than in a trial
  • Hearsay is permissible, meaning the probation officer can repeat what others “told” him or her

What are the Most Common Probation Violations Leading to a Motion to Revoke?

The most common violations causing a Motion to Revoke Probation are the following:

  • Commission of a new offense
  • Arrest
  • Failure of a drug test
  • Failure to report to the assigned probation officer
  • Failure to complete community service
  • Failure to complete court-ordered substance abuse classes

How Can a Strong Defense Attorney Make a Difference in a Motion to Revoke?

Defendants facing a Motion to Revoke Probation have the right to a strong San Antonio criminal defense attorney. A defense. A defense attorney can aid a defendant in the following ways:

  • By arranging for a probation violation arraignment and hearing to occur on the same day, making the process faster
  • Working out a disposition before the probation violation arraignment and hearing, allowing a quicker release back onto probation of some kind
  • Offering witnesses to contradict testimony or evidence given by the probation officer and any prosecution witnesses
  • Arguing viable alternatives to jail or prison that would be more beneficial to the defendant’s rehabilitation

What to Do If You are Facing a Motion to Revoke Probation

Every Motion to Revoke Probation is different as no defendant’s living, working, and conditions of probation are exactly alike. If you suspect a Motion to Revoke Probation is filed against you, contact a San Antonio probation attorney immediately. Turning yourself in with the help of an attorney shows a good faith effort on your part to resolve the matter.

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