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Growing Your Child: The Top Benefits of Adopting a Child


Growing Your Child: The Top Benefits of Adopting a Child

If you are looking to grow your family, you should consider adoption. Read this guide to learn about the top benefits of adopting a child.

The U.S. alone houses more than 438,000 foster children and children who otherwise wouldn’t have a home. Many of these children struggle in the system, but few are lucky enough to be adopted by loving families.
Not everyone is able or willing to have children on their own. If you want to have a family, this can be a serious obstacle.
Adopting a child can provide you with the family you want while benefiting all parties involved. Even though it’s not an easy process, it’s worth it in the end.
Read on for our key benefits for adopting a child.

Benefits of Adoption for the Birth Parents

Giving up a child for adoption is never an easy choice. While it may be an emotional process, giving up a child for adoption can offer a number of benefits to birth parents.
Here are just a few of the benefits for birth parents giving up a child for adoption:

  • Adoption allows the birth parents to continue working towards their education and other life goals they may have
  • Adoption releases the burden of raising children alone for single parents
  • Birth parents have the option of staying in the child’s life via semi-open or open adoptions
  • Adoption provides peace of mind for birth parents who want their children to grow up in a stable, loving home
  • Counseling options and financial support may be available for birth parents during the entire process

When birth parents are faced with an unplanned pregnancy, they may feel an enormous amount of guilt and stress. If they are not ready to raise a child, adoption offers them an alternative. While they’re preserving their own life, they’re also secure in knowing that they are making the best possible decision for the child.

Benefits of Adopting a Child for the Adoptive Parents

Adopting a child can offer a world of benefits to the parents that do the adopting. Hopeful parents seek out adoption for a variety of reasons, and many of them are not able to have children on their own. Adopting a child offers an alternative option and provides a loving child for parents who otherwise may not have been able to have one.
The prospect of having a child can bring on a whole new set of circumstances for a hopeful family. Children bring many different goals and perspectives to a family, encouraging them to think outside the norms.
However, not all prospective families are able to have children. Although procreation is a huge part of human biology, certain circumstances may make having a child difficult or even impossible.
When couples are met with the painful obstacle of infertility, having a family may seem unobtainable at first. Adopting a child allows them to obtain the family of their dreams, even if they are not capable of having it on their own.
Other couples that benefit from adoption include LGBTQ couples who are not physically able to bear their own children. Even people that are single and longing for a child can fulfill their dreams of having a family by adopting a child.
Adopting a child gives them the opportunity to have a family, regardless of biology and other circumstances. This service offers children to people who may not otherwise be able to have them.

Benefits for Adopted Children

When adopting a child, it may be easy to focus on how their natural parents couldn’t keep them. However, there are a lot of hidden benefits for children who have been adopted.
For example, they are with a family who selflessly and lovingly took them in, even though they weren’t biologically related. Your family will love and accept them for who they are, despite the lack of genetics. This is a big benefit for them if you’re adopting a child: they’re with a family that chose them specifically.
Here are just a few more of the benefits that come to adopted children:

  • They get more opportunities than other children. Because you are ready and willing to take on a child, they can receive opportunities from you that may not be the same as what other children get.
  • They are coming into a stable home. Since you worked at adopting a child, they are coming into a home that is ready and able to take them on.
  • Adoptive parents are usually more financially stable and can offer college educations to their adopted children.
  • Adopted children have two sets of parents: one who loved them enough to provide a better opportunity, and one who loved them enough to selflessly take them on.
  • In Texas adoptions, many children receive state benefits such as Medicaide coverage or free college tuition

According to a 2007 study, 85% of adopted children are in excellent health, plus they’re more likely to have health insurance than other children. They were also more likely to live outside of poverty and had better overall health as well as school performance.

How to Adopt a Child

If you’re looking to adopt a child, it’s a lengthy process. This is because it’s designed to cater only to those who truly want to bring a child into their lives.
In order to adopt a child, you have to meet certain criteria and possibly pay different fees associated with adoption. It can be a more complicated process than you think. However, this is not meant to deter you, but only to ensure that the child is going into a loving home.
Adopting an infant is rare in most cases. Adoptive parents are encouraged to look for older children in order to find the right child to adopt. Although the overall process is difficult, it is always worth it in the end.

Final Thoughts

Having a child is an impossible dream for some couples. On the flip side, other couples struggle with unplanned pregnancies that can derail their plans and lead to difficult circumstances.
The idea of adopting a child provides benefits to all those involved, including the child. Through the process of adoption, hopeful families are united with those for whom raising the child isn’t a appropriate choice in order to provide the best life possible for the child involved.
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