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Are Drunk Driving Laws Getting Tougher In Texas?


Texas has a tradition of being tough on DWIs. In fact, Texas ranks in the top 10 for strictest states on DWI laws. And as a rule, DWI laws in Texas get tougher every year. That means if you are charged with DWI you’re facing serious consequences.

But there’s another side to this coin. Texas ranks 30th for preventing DWIs. The drinking laws are fairly lenient, and with miles and miles of Texas roads, drinking and driving is fairly common in Texas.

A first-time arrest and conviction for a DWI results in a fine up to $10,000, 3-180 days in jail, the loss of your driver’s license and a fee to regain a license. But the consequences get much, much tougher with a second arrest and conviction (or more) for DWI. With a second offense, you could spend up to a year in year, and a third can get you 10 years.

With these tough laws in place, choosing the right attorney to defend you is paramount. For example, Joe Hoelscher of Hoelscher Gebbia Cepeda in San Antonio literally wrote the book on DWI/DUI defense that’s used in Texas law schools and is recognized as one of the 10 Best DWI/DUI Attorneys in Texas. He’s also considered one of the Best DWI Lawyers in San Antonio.

A DWI charge is nothing to take lightly. Choose an attorney who will explore and explain your options and fiercely fight for the best outcome.