Theresa Rodriguez’ Story

Frank Dotson’s Story
March 9, 2010
Tatiana Anderson’s Story
June 26, 2012

Theresa Rodriguez was a teen mom who did everything right after DFPS/CPS got involved in her life. Overcoming incredible abuse, the suicide of her fiancé, and her own mental health issues, Theresa graduated, got off Disability, became employed and won her daughter back. Unfortunately, after two jury trials involving six parties, she lost her rights to her son Zachary Cole Jaeckle on a 10-2 split decision by the second jury. This case was appealed to the Supreme Court.

Joe Hoelscher is often quoted for his expertise within the legal profession, including topics such as access to justice for the poor, accountability for elected officials, First Amendment issues, Second Amendment defense, and women and children’s issues. Although many articles are no longer online, some recent articles and interviews are included below.

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