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How Will I Know My Miranda Rights Were Violated?


Most people have heard about or have some idea of their Miranda rights. But most do not know that the police are legally required to read them their Miranda rights in specific situations and that there are exceptions to that legal requirement. Essentially, Miranda rights protect you from providing information that can incriminate you and… read more

Fathers Rights in a Child Custody Case


Historically, mothers were normally presumed to be more suitable than fathers to have custody of their children in the event of a breakup or divorce. Likewise, courts considered fathers as mere providers for the family. Fortunately, fathers and mothers now have the same rights and responsibilities under Texas law. This means that child custody cases… read more

Going Back to School Might Mean CPS Calling


Most parents don’t know or understand the specific rules and boundaries that CPS (Child Protective Services) must comply with when investigating allegations of child abuse. So it’s understandable that parents feel scared and confused when they receive a call or visit from the CPS. They usually feel threatened and personally attacked because the people on… read more

Consequences in Texas for Public Intoxication


If you have been charged recently with public intoxication, you may be wondering what penalties and consequences you’re in for. The consequences for a public intoxication charge in Texas will depend on various factors, such as the offender’s age, if the offender has previous convictions, and the circumstances of the arrest. However, it is also… read more

Can Child Support be Waived if Parents Agree?


When parents are separated or divorced, one of them will be the managing conservator or custodial parent of their child. The other parent will need to pay the custodial parent child support. The support amount will depend on the specific circumstances of the family based on guidelines under Texas custody laws. But what if both… read more